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Upon launch, partnered games will enjoy custom portals for their players to enter Rumbl. The on-boarding process will automatically sign the player up for the game the portal is built for. By doing this, you can guarantee your players trust in the product, encouraging them to use it and reach out to more players.


Finding new players in their area allows your players to reach out to a much larger gaming community. Soon, through our in-development recommendation engine, players will be encouraged to find new people to engage with. By growing your community, you ensure that your players never get burnt out, only playing against the same people.


Built to allow publishers to directly target players who use their products, giving you the power to immediately interact with your customers. Currently in development, when ready you will be able to use these notifications you can inform players of upcoming releases, store openings, events, and other newsworthy happenings.

A team with a proven history of success.


Fifteen years experience in all aspects of making beautiful and easy to use applications for the web. Pete started out in one of the UK’s first award winning web agencies, Good Technology, and have experience across the full stack of web development technologies and in leading teams to deliver huge projects with them. Now Pete is the senior full-stack engineer on the Crittercism platform team.


Getting his start working at EA working on Dragon Age before his move to Bioware, his background in the back-end side of game development has been fantastic for helping plan and build new features to make Rumbl more engaging. Damon recently worked with Pete and Adam at Crittercism, building a bug tracking platform for iOS developers with an analytics twist.


A UI/UX designer with a background in all kinds of industries: fashion retail, social games, self help, and most recently at Crittercism and Google. His diverse experience was instrumental in designing and launching OpenFeint, a social platform to connect players and promote iOS games, as well as allow them to compete in games that otherwise didn’t have an online presence.

Always looking forward.

The future is exciting and with and Rumbl will only become more powerful. Joining in early ensures when our new additions are available, you’ll be able to make immediate use of the feature.

First people of our community formed as World of Warcraft clan that likes on-board games. After some time we have an idea to create a project like that. We needed a lot of time to create this project and to stay in good shape in WoW we using WoW boost from Boosthive. Also, it is very useful, when in the evening, after on-board games return you to friends in WoW and have all what you need for comfort playing.


Retail stores are a great resource to gaming communities, soon we will track where game stores are, and what games they support, your players will be exposed to more retail locations in their search results. This is also helpful for players who are traveling and want to find a local place to play.


Similar to the Store Finder, the Event Tracker allows events to appear in their search results. If a player does a search near any events happening in the next 30 days, it will appear in their search results. Keeping your player informed of conferences and events is a great way to keep their interest in the hobby.


By tracking your customers behavior, games they play, and where they search, we are able to build demographic profiles of your player base. Having a deeper insight into your customers will allow you to make intelligent decisions for marketing your game and where you may want to consider having future events.

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If you represent a game company and would like to discuss potential partnerships, please contact us using this form.